Well-Intended Love (2019) Chinese Drama

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Well-Intended Love (2019)

Drama Summary: Needing the help of a third-rate actress with leukemia, a CEO supports her creative work. In order to proceed to have a high-game future by receiving a bone marrow transplant, Xia Lin marries her CEO, Ling. Through their numerous unresolved concerns, the two continue to fall together in marriage.

Other Details
  • Original Name: 奈何BOSS要娶我
  • Other Names: How, Boss Wants to Marry Me, Nai He BOSS Yao Qu Wo, 奈何老板要娶我, How Boss Wants to Marry Me, Well Intended Love
  • Director: Qiang Wu
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama, Family, Melodrama
  • Screenwriter: Peng Yi Ying, Han Yu Ting
  • Ratings: 7.6/10
Chinese Summary



French Summary

Xia Lin est une actrice méconnue qui vient d’apprendre qu’elle a la leucémie. Or, le seul qui est compatible avec elle pour faire une greffe de moelle osseuse est l’inaccessible et puissant homme d’affaires Ling Yi Zhou. Celui-ci, après avoir entendu la demande de Xia Lin accepte, mais pose une drôle de condition : Xia Lin doit l’épouser.

Spanish Summary

Una actriz de tercera categoría con leucemia se enreda con el CEO Ling Yiz Hou porque necesita dinero para el tratamiento.

Para recibir un trasplante de médula ósea antes y continuar su carrera como actriz, Xia Lin contrae matrimonio en secreto con Ling Yiz Hou, director ejecutivo de una empresa. A pesar de las conspiraciones y los malentendidos que encuentran, los dos encuentran el amor verdadero.

Portuguese Summary

Uma atriz de terceira categoria com leucemia se envolve com o CEO Ling Yi Zhou, porque ela precisa dele para o tratamento.

Para receber o transplante de medula óssea mais cedo e continuar sua carreira como atriz, Xia Lin se casa em segredo com Ling Yi Zhou, CEO de uma empresa. Apesar das conspirações e mal-entendidos que encontram, os dois encontram o verdadeiro amor.

Polish Summary

Losy chorującej na białaczkę, trzeciorzędnej aktorki zostają splątane z dyrektorem Ling, który jest kluczem do jej wyzdrowienia.

Aby zdobyć dawcę szpiku wcześniej i kontynuować swoją karierę jako aktorka, Xia Lin zgadza się na sekretne małżeństwo z Ling Yi Zhou, dyrektorem ogromnej spółki. Pomimo wszelkich konspiracji i nieporozumień, które napotykają na swojej drodze, ich dwójka odnajduje prawdziwą miłość.

Deutsch Summary

Eine junge Schauspielerin hat Leukämie und heiratet für eine Knochenmarktransplantation einen jungen CEO.
Doch wahre Liebe und Geheimnisse kommen ihnen in die Quere.

Well-intended Love is very lovely drama. If you are a drama lover you should watch this cute and adorable drama to enjoy lots of fun. If you just watch 10 episodes of this drama of course you will love it.

Content of the drama is basic, girl is sick, needs transplant and boy is a match. Boy has a sick grandma who loves him so much, and wants to see him love and marry a girl. When girls asks the boy to help her, boy says okay, but first let get married and have a contracted marriage for 2 years.

[T]In the first ten seasons, the characters are only introduced, but in the eleventh there is a story change that is so unbelievable that it breaks the whole sequence. He is cruel to his wife but never beats her.

Instead, he restrains her and then drags her around by her hair. In one case, he manages her finances, subtly influences her decisions, and watches her closely and does not allow her to leave; in another, he closely monitors her every move, keeps her locked up in the house; in a third, refuses to let her go.

She keeps his head in her lap, lovingly claiming it’s for the better, and he caresses her hair and is sure he can’t alter his ways when it brought them together. Even though she is completely open about wanting her space and love, he’s doing something behind her back again! He is, for lack of a better term, bonkers.

I was pleased when she was breaking up with him because he was violent, so why would the writing make her fall in love with him again? Really, I’m revolted. When I was preparing to start writing the second half of the story, I figured it was going to be a story of her having to struggle to run away from him when he tracked her and got crazier. It’s such a terrible shame.

This show is loaded with gender roles, but on top of it, it has a “abuseable” narrative. When Ling Yi insists on absolutely dominates and governs and relies on his mom, he’s one major nuisance.

When he does the same while claiming to be concerned for her and indulging her, he’s a sly devil; when he is a total greedy and dishonest he’s husband, and even the good one who gets away with it, he is a dreamboat; when he dominates and insists on self-sacrifice and trickery, he is a nasty tyrant; yet when he pretends to care and advantage, he is handsome and gallant.

Xia Lin made a dramatic transition from the film world to dedicating her whole life to enabling her bad spouse. What was frightening about finding out about Yi Zhou’s fraud was not just that it had taken place, but that it had been successful. Instead of thinking about why he had been following her for months and will now be asking her to marry him, she was only worried about the truth that he had manipulated her.

The question of Ling-Yi recruiting guards to deter her from fleeing, and Ling resisting conflict during the scam were also points that could use value consideration. Many well-intended marriages result in sorrow. I believe that many well-meant unions result in suffering. Furthermore, I also like to those who have already seen it to realize how dumb and inappropriate it is for a display like this to be seen today’s to happen in the year 2019 You’re too spectacularly fortunate to have survived such a grisly death.”

Main Roles of Well-intended Love (2019)

Xu Kai Cheng

Wikipedia: xu kai cheng

Simona Wang

Wikipedia: xu kai cheng

[Well Intended Love S2] EP12 Clip | Xia Lin become reconciled with Ling Boss

A couple good things in it: Acting was first-rate. They all did a wonderful job. In order for the characters to seem authentic, the acting had to be first-rate. It was fun music, too. The display was decent enough to have me continue watching, in all honesty.

After this point, the storyline turns and gets horrible. Don’t search for ‘cute’ or ‘lighthearted’ stuff here. It was horrible the first time I saw it, and it will remain horrible each and every time I see it afterwards.