Top 10 Best New Android Games {Updated: July 2021}

Welcome to the roundup of the best mobile Android games on the Play Store this week. This week I’ve got a special pun from the maker of The Oatmeal, a fun Crescent Moon Zelda, and a Kairosoft boxing simulator. There are also, without any further ado, the noteworthy latest smartphone Android games launched during the week of March 2021.

Kitty Letter

The developer of The Oatmeal has collaborated together with Exploded Kittens to launch Kitty Text, a free word game where you can shape words to assault your adversaries. You will simply construct words from a set of letters, and you’ll beat your enemies if you create enough words.

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The game allows 1v1 cooperative play, but it can only be played if you like. Best still, Kitty Letter is adequately monetized and no irritating F2P mechanics are in effect. This edition is focused on fun gaming, a genuinely cool vision. But don’t skip this one if you like word games. It’s probably one of the better mobile Android games published this week.


Knightin ‘+ is a new Crescent Moon Games release and it has been produced by Muzt Die Studios. Since 2019 this standalone game has been available for Steam, however this week it reached Android.

As you can see, it’s a top-down Zelda adventure game and it is your task to dig deep in the dungeons looking for the loot required to beat the bosses in the game. It’s a basic, familiar setup that works well, and this is a quick title to suggest this week thanks to reasonable prices.

Boxing Gym Story

Boxing Gym Tale is the new Kairosoft game to obtain English translation and it’s a boxing market simulator, as you can see. It’s your duty to restore your rickety workout center to its glory, to run your company and to your fame.

The more famous your workout center, the stronger. It can also be remembered that this is a premium edition, but what you see is what you receive – an uncommon occurrence in the Play Shop.

Senso no Ken : Thousands Layered Edge

Senso no Ken is a trendy release. That’s clear. That’s clear. The whole game is presented on parchment paper as tin drawings which give this game a unique look. The game incorporates action-based portions and challenges that split the monotony.

For the action sections, you can scroll your finger around the screen to strike, avoid and parry, and you’ll connect with the game’s puzzles by tapping the screen. It’s a reasonably basic setup that can be enjoyable, but the main star of the show here is the in-game graphics.

Castaway on a Weird Island

All right, I remember. There are not amazing visuals. But don’t evaluate a book by the title, since Castaway is by the same creator behind the Desert Golf series on a Strange Island.

This is a puzzle game so that you waste time uncovering the fastest path to your target. You may even choose to win, although there is no assurance that it functions in your favor, which makes playing the game a joy. Some difficult choices are waiting for you, so make sure you are able. After all, this is a mathematical puzzle, but it requires logic.

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CityBuilder, Puzzle Challenge!

The Puzzle Challenge City Builder delivers just what its name suggests. This is a construction game for the area, but it is presented so that you can construct city parts by puzzles. Fortunately, the puzzle elements suit the calming environment of the game.

So, if you worry these puzzles can be frustrating, they can’t. You should overcome them at your own rate. The game includes advertisements and no way to delete them at present. But beyond that, it’s a good start.

Don’t eat Pete – Zombie survival

Don’t feed. Don’t eat Pete is a voxel-based survival game that has been focused on Reddit lately. This is a job ongoing and is played as a sniper with a double lever. This ensures that you set traps for the incoming zombie waves, and take your enemies out while your base stays secure.

You will also go to the world of games to look for survivors that will enable you to rise. Of course, the larger the foundation, the tougher it is to defend it, meaning that your base development must be matched with your fighting skills.

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse

Infectonator 3: Discovery is the last entry in the Infectonator series of the Armor Games and it is your duty to transmit the virus to destroy mankind. At its heart is a strategic strategy game, and while it is monetized, the complexity will escalate tremendously, in particular towards the outset.

So, while it can be pleasant to propagate a virus all over the globe, as you find and build all kinds of new zombies, I can only sense that the origins of the game are still mobile and not healthy.

Cannon It!

Cannon is a basic VOODOO game, but despite the simple nature, it can be enjoyable. See, the task is to smash castles, like a simplistic boom box, by firing cannonballs at them. Sure, as in all VOODOO updates, the game is riddled with advertisements, however, you can pay to delete them, providing an atmosphere without disturbances where you can play this casual game as much as you want.

Reset Earth

Reset Earth is the most recent game centered on environmental consciousness, but it has a prerogative that typically contributes to a mediocre game. Fortunately, Earth’s Reset has something of its own. The controls are on the touchscreen and the 2D deck is good overall.

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While I can’t claim that the environmental problem of this tale is that important, without limiting gameplay it serves its function so that it is quickly forgotten as you progress towards performance. Naturally, you will not profit from this edition if you are responsive to the burden of the timetable.