Top 20 Best Anime Games for Android [Offline/Online]

I have experienced a spectacular trip back to the creators of Angry Birds, Rovio, who had brought us a magical adventure and a gorgeous adventure platformer in portrait. Welcome to the top 20 new Android anime games that recently released in Google Play Store. Here are the top 20 Best Anime Games for Android both available Offline and online.

Save Eddy Smile

Save Eddy Smile is a strange platform game in which you have to cut an increasingly-large number of blocks to solve the puzzle. Gameplay-wise, the player must use eight separate tools to remove rocks in each stage, so the player may have to use multiple objects often in order to overcome their challenge.

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I like this game because it is fun and diverse, especially its music. Remember it’s only in early access, so there will be some glitches, but it’s a top ten title in the Android category launched this week.


Figment is a stunning point-and-click adventure developed by the same people responsible for Back to Bed. You can solve puzzles in a reality of a living mind full of memories and recorded voices from the past. All the artistic display is hand-drawn and assisted by real controls which allow for a clear mobile port.

Professor Lupo: Ocean

Prof. Lupo: Ocean is a point-and-click adventure game that just released in October to Android. The game art is extremely gorgeous and the voice acting is extremely wonderful plus the title provides an outstanding layer of humor. The puzzles in the game are interesting, challenging, and stimulating. If you are searching for point-and-click adventure games, I suggest Professor Lupo: Ocean game for you to give it a try.

Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio

Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio is a 2D platformer game that has visuals that are a little similar to retro games. Based on Brazilian cartoons from the 1990s, most people would not be acquainted with the style of this game. This does not mean that you ought to enjoy this.

If you enjoyed playing old-school platformers or only portraits, then I highly suggest that you visit Tcheco at Lucio Castle this week. It is definitely one of the top ten Android games that launched this week.

Vita Fighters

Vita Fighters is an entertaining action game for both newcomers and veteran gamers alike. If you can see, the game provides basic visuals reminiscent of the Sega arcade racer Virtua Fighter. There are 15 different player characters, each with its own special skills. There is boss combat as well, and the games are sponsored out of the packaging.

Picnic Penguin

Puzzle action game centered on a penguin named Picnic Penguin. This is basically a Sokoban game in which the aim is to move blocks to solve a puzzle. The gameplay should be similar, except the visuals will be cute and the puzzles will be interesting.


Dottania is a game in which you lead your city like a king, and also have the ability to create items that your people need. There are also life sim elements such as exploring your mates’ towns. Indie games are rapidly growing in popularity, particularly in the gaming world for this kind. This is one of the top ten famous apps launched this week.


Yankai Diamond is a wonderful puzzle game that came from Kenny Su, and it continues to be regarded as a great game. The task is to align corner tiles so both of the corners are identical. This is an ideal calming game that can be enjoyed in fast bursts.

Dentures and Demons 2

It is the sequel to the point-and-click adventure game “Dentures and Demons” which was more than two years after its publication. It was really highly awaited, which is why it has already gained much favorable feedback. Adventure games are typically very funny due to many methods of humor.

Space Frog Intern

Space Frog Intern is a frenetic platformer similar to Space Invaders. Much as in a typical “Galaga” arcade video, monsters can fire at you before you reach the bottom of the board. Your responsibilities were to fight these enemies until they kill you. This element gives the game more exciting when someone throws bullets at you, which is what makes it a challenging game.

If you wish for a classic edition, I suggest you consult Space Frog Intern. However, the game’s only problem is that it has commercials. From all this, it deserves to be one of the best 10 mobile games published this week.


TinyVale is a game that simulates the management of a store. You will set out to find these treasures and sell them in your shop. Collecting these tokens can be difficult and expensive, particularly if you need the resources to complete tasks. It’s a fun gaming experience, but the game can be a little hard when you don’t know what to do.

Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds was a very successful franchise, but Rovio was shocked to see it re-emerge in the form of Angry Birds Journey. This game utilizes familiar egg sling mechanics.

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You can fire blocks at pigs by throwing birds at them. Of course, this does not suggest that Rovio has been conscious because its marketing is bad. Worst of all, there is a risk. There is enjoyment in this game, which requires a bit of concern for preparation and practice.

Flipchamps Dual Strike

The distinctive feature of this game is jumping from one board to another in order to gain momentum, which will ultimately assist you against your enemy. These games make for enjoyable fights in their simplicity. There are twenty unlockable collectibles, three solo story modes, and you can battle anybody in multiplayer.


“ConFusion” is an early access game that has several similarities to “Picnic Penguin”. There were several aspects of gameplay that I wasn’t fond of. The graphics will look nice in screenshots, but once you play the game, there will be some weirdness experienced. Taking the sarcasm, this is if you just like playing puzzle games. It will be great if the visuals are improved while the series continues.

Galaxy Genome

Galaxy Genome is an open-world space adventure game that allows you to track down pirates, rob traders, and ship illicit objects. This will determine who you are now and who you will become in the future.

Archer of god

Archer Of God HD is the newest update by yet another developer who has bowed to 99 bucks worth of in-app transactions. This characteristic game seems to be similar to one Nintendo DS game, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (one of my favorite Nintendo DS games).

The team’s aim was to reduce the fitness of their opponents. Although Rocket Slime will provide enjoyment, you should not overlook the monetization issues from the game.

Mad Cars

Mad Cars takes the traditional auto racer and uses several cars that the player has to drive at the same time. In the game, it’s up to the player to make sure as many automobiles as possible stay roadworthy during and sprint to ensure the game finishes. This allows for a far more hectic auto-racer, and if you like those simulations, then you might like Mad Cars, too.


Another new title by NetEase, Astracraft is out on all platforms this week. This is a game where two robots battle each other using projectiles. You need to stock your mecha with some kind of arms and equipment so that you can gain modules useful to upgrade your guns.

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It is very easy and efficient. Be vigilant of in-game transactions because they can be very expensive, and because this is a competitive multiplayer game, the opportunity for players to buy equipment to gain an advantage is a problem. The controls might need some modification, in particular on tablets.

[Premium] RPG Asdivine Saga

Kemco continues to release generic role playing games so the English version of Asdivine Saga would certainly be great for the gamer. If you might imagine, this is a turn-based RPG where you will be charged with saving the planet with a set of unexpected pals.

Besides the fact that this game is priced at $7, it also has in-app transactions in order to finish the game. Despite Kemco’s advantages, it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth because of how it intends to conduct its company.

Onmyoji: The Card Game

Onmyoji is a card game that has been developed by NetEase and is a pay to win free to play title. Many gamers would find the anime pictures may be a little much for their tastes. The game’s user experience is very bad. From what is seen from Onmyoji: The Card Game, it gives several excuses not to like it. Superb, NetEase!.

I hope you found this article really helpful. If you are an android games lover then I would recommend you to definitely try out these games. Because it may give you an enjoyable moment during the gameplay. And share this article with your friends to let them know also. You can also check the Top 10 New Android Games of February 2021 (Offline/Online) which is related to popular android games.