[TOP 10] Best Android Games for 512 MB RAM in 2021

Like other best android games, on this page I’m going to share with you some most popular android games which you can play on your android device. The reason this article is going to be amazing is these games can be playable only just 512 MB of RAM android device.

A fresh batch of great games has arrived on the market for Android! I have a rather strange this week; it’s about a pigeon’s misplaced affection, a very enjoyable game of miniature golf, and the much-anticipated release of the sequel to Jetpack Joyride.

So, if you have an old android device that has a low RAM amount then don’t worry. Check out the following games. With very high graphics and textures, these games will be enjoyable for all kinds of android game lovers.

Now, with all that out of the way, here are the most extraordinary new Android games of the past week.

Pigeon: A Love Story

Since the true purpose of any good game is hard to discern at first glance, it may be frustrating. Poking and prodding the pigeon, thus, is a strange and unsatisfying activity. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing game, travel over to London and look for your soul mate.

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The distance between popular locations on this map is fantastic, and you can travel for quite a while, so you have enough time to discover them.

You would want to get the latest and greatest hardware and a really powerful PC to play this edition of the game. However, Pigeon: an Android adventure, A Love Story is among the top games this week.

Dwarf Journey

The pixel-based game delivers a rogue-like platform experience. Dead Cells, likewise, are how you gradually can advance and develop the requisite abilities to meet more challenging opponents. Randomly created levels mean that the boss fights must be included in order to finish this game.

Thankfully, we don’t have to think about badly executed features pushing users to spend money on this title. This is enjoyable, please don’t pass it up.


My youth was shaped by games like “Hot Shots Golf” and “Mario Golf.” Dinkoink’s games provide an entertaining miniature golfing experience, and this is why I still search for the new app on the Play Store.

This is a 2D playing, obstacle-avoiding golf game and it plays just like Desert Golfing Stick. There are tales and infinite modes to hold you occupied, so you will have a lot to do. If you like mini-golf, Dinkolf is awesome.

Sad But Ded: 2D Puzzle Platformer

About the fact that “sad” means “sad”, it’s still a charming platformer in which you only have a small number of abilities in each round. You may have to consider the strategy in detail in order to be sure you don’t run out of ideas.

The puzzle helps form a sweet Sokon-esque word. All games have 50 tiers, and there is a harder difficulty rating specifically for the ‘hardcore’ players.


We agree; Mitoza is aptly defined as a surreal CYOA. One of the things I’ve noticed about this game is that it’s difficult to make sense of finding out what’s going on here. As bizarre as it might seem, this is a fun way to wind down after a hard day at the office. There’s no cost to see it, which is best of all.

Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Lake Motosu

To those that aren’t involved in manga or anime, the relaxed lifestyle show is relaxing and enjoyable, Laid Back Camp is accessible and popular.

It generally revolves around a community of close friends who spend their time doing campings, which results in plenty of great experiences that are quotidian. Gumdrops seem to have devised a game solely around pictures and food.

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If you like the two genres mentioned above, you might like this album, but it is not very challenging. Not only is it nice to see it, but it’s also interesting to see that the smartphone edition is somewhat cheaper than both of course One of the strongest Android games on the market just arrived on Google Play.

Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush

Just like Jetpack Jetpack, Jetpack 2 has just only gone into soft release, but it’s still in development and free, but we might have overlooked a critical bug or two. Since the monetization in this game is fair, I can’t see any excuse to keep it off.

To be honest, even though I’m not able to download the title, you can see the demo above, but with health bars and guns. if you enjoy playing with robots, go ahead and experiment with this at least Since you’re on a soft title, you’ll need to be in either Canada or Australia, or New Zealand to take part.

Kill It With Fire

It’s entirely possible that there have been a lot of independent games released on Android during the last year, or that may be due to COVID making it easier to do so. Regardless, independent developers are pushing their products to the Android Market, and that makes Kill It With Fire very noteworthy.

As mentioned above, this is a game where the controls have purposefully been made difficult, in order to maximize the player’s frustration. Thus the fact that these spiders are almost impossible to kill, leading to ludicrous levels of amusement for the shooter.

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Be sure you have a handset that is up to date if you want to play games on it. Sadly, the app isn’t well programmed, but you can have a durable phone.

Clan N

Clan N has arrived on Android as another standalone title in the last year, but not on Steam. Sadly, the touch controls aren’t very precise, but I highly suggest using a physical controller, as there are well. Each clan member would have access to the first two levels of N’s games for free, although additional levels can be purchased via in-app.

Queen: Rock Tour – The Official Rhythm Game

Rock tour is a throwback to the rock group Queen’s music, in a manner of speaking. Anyone can play the game for free, and those who find the songs they want can access more for a small fee. If the gameplay mechanics of the game aren’t perfect, it’s acceptable.

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That’s a common issue with games. Regardless of the direction you choose, you’ll probably end up disappointed. Soon this problem will be solved.

I hope these games will be very much enjoyable for you and of course you can spend a very good time with these games. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. And also check out our other android games-related articles.